Category: Logos

  • Puzzul


    Branding for curated jigsaw puzzle website Puzzul, by Fridge Creative. “Puzzul’s identity compliments the creatively lead puzzles, whilst ensuring it is strong enough to stand on it’s own and not get lost among the illustrative imagery.” – Fridge Creative

  • Reneighbouring Hounslow

    Reneighbouring Hounslow

    Simon Inc created the identity for London Borough of Hounslow‘s 20 year housing regeneration project, Reneighbouring Hounslow. “Breaking apart the monogram gave us a palette of bold geometric shapes, which we used as the starting point for creating a graphic language which be used in many different ways across a wide range of collateral.” – Simon Inc. “We […]

  • Doctors’ Association UK

    Doctors’ Association UK

    Doctors’ Association UK is a non-profit association and advocacy group for the UK medical profession. Rebrand by ClearBrand. “We retained their green as a recognisable asset of their previous brand. Aside from this, there was a wholesale change. We introduced a new bold and assertive font and ‘The voice of frontline doctors’ message was kept […]

  • Kids First

    Kids First

    Australia’s Kids First, previously know as the Children’s Protection Society. Branding by Studio Brave.

  • Museums Association

    Museums Association

    The Museums Association identity by Studio Output. “The Museums Association is a membership organisation with a mission – to inspire museums to change lives. We devised, designed and built a dynamic new website that reflects its vision and values, while evolving the visual identity of this active campaigning organisation.” – Studio Output  

  • Brokian


    Delightful branding for Brokian by Rowen.

  • Burger King

    Burger King

    New Burger King brand identity by JKR Global.

  • Ravensbourne University London

    Ravensbourne University London

    NB Studio‘s identity for Ravensbourne University London.

  • Lady A

    Lady A

    Lady A identity by NB Studio and Michael Wolff.

  • Vanson Bourne

    Vanson Bourne

    Vanson Bourne branding by ClearBrand.

  • University of the Arts Helsinki

    University of the Arts Helsinki

    Not recent work, but this identity for University of the Arts Helsinki by Bond Agency still stands out.  

  • The Desk

    The Desk

    Branding for Hong Kong co-working space theDesk by Toby Ng Design.

  • Evisa Express

    Evisa Express

    Evisa Express identity by Symbol Studio and Michał Dobies.

  • Anza Invest Group

    Anza Invest Group

    Flexible brand identity for Anza Invest Group by Creative Carbon and Socialkorp.

  • Yahoo


    Updated Yahoo rebrand by Pentagram.

  • Latinotype


    Brand refresh for Latinotype.

  • Cheerz


    Logo for photo printing website Cheerz.

  • Lority


    Branding for Lority by Fatih Bektaş & Kayhan Baspinar.

  • ActiveCollab


    ActiveCollab is a project management software system. George Bokhua was the designer. “The main goal was to create a recognizable form that clearly represents ActiveCollab. We also wanted it to go well with the trends, but also to be timeless. Through the form, we wanted to communicate activity, collaboration, and synergy. The primary use is, […]

  • Sorbos


    Identity and packaging for Sorbos, who make edible straws to flavour drinks and cocktails. Design by Aleix Font.