Before submitting please read our policy for inclusion of logos. All logos included are to be as insiprational as possible.

Here are some guidelines to help you in your decision of whether or not the logos should be included. please note that these guidelines are only loosely draw up, and may be flexible.

The logos we include on the site usually fall into one of these catagories:

1 – An original idea, totally different to anything seen before (quite hard to find nowadays).

2 – Nice design skills. it may not be original, but it was done well.

3 – Good typography skills.

4 – It would give a new idea twist to a logo designers thought pattern. For example, something is placed in an unusual way.

5 – Clever. it’s just a very good idea.

If you still feel good about submiting your logo please do it here.

Also remember to include a link to the logo’s own website and its designer, if they are known, and feel free to include any information about the design that you would like have displayed with it, to give more of a background to the logo (ie. a project brief, or a personal analysis of the design).