Reneighbouring Hounslow

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Simon Inc created the identity for London Borough of Hounslow‘s 20 year housing regeneration project, Reneighbouring Hounslow.


“Breaking apart the monogram gave us a palette of bold geometric shapes, which we used as the starting point for creating a graphic language which be used in many different ways across a wide range of collateral.”Simon Inc.

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“We introduced a people-centred approach to imagery to help to engage the existing residents, concentrating on reflecting the diversity of the people who live in the estates, and portraying them with a real sense of value, optimism and positivity.”Simon Inc.

Regen-for-web_2_colourful-layouts_2 Regen-for-web_9Regen-for-web_8Regen-for-web_2_editorial-layoutsRegen-for-web_subbrandsRegen-for-web_11Regen-for-web_2_montage_2Regen-for-web_3






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