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  • The Town Mouse

    The Town Mouse

    Branding for new bar/restaurant The Town Mouse in Melbourne by A Friend of Mine. “We deliberately eschewed fable references of ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’ in favour of a less literal approach. Inspired by the town grid our custom drawn typography is based on an isometric birds eye view of buildings. Skyscrapers are […]

  • Basa Basement Bar & Restaurant

    Basa Basement Bar & Restaurant

    Basa Basement Bar & Restaurant in Argentina, with branding by Visso.

  • Flock Café

    Flock Café

    Flock Café in Singapore had their branding completed by Kilo. “The idea of ‘Coming together’ was used in the identity where various patterns representing different parts of the café are assembled in seemingly unlimited combinations.” “This allowed us to extend the concept to other livery like badges, the hand screened aprons and cup sleeves. Most […]

  • Dollop Coffee & Tea

    Dollop Coffee & Tea

    “When Dollop decided to expand beyond their original northside mainstay to multiple locations across the city, they realized it was time to up their branding too. Firebelly designed an entirely new system for the coffee & tea provider. Beginning with the logo, we created a cohesive brand that would be adaptable to each of the […]