The Town Mouse


Branding for new bar/restaurant The Town Mouse in Melbourne by A Friend of Mine.

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“We deliberately eschewed fable references of ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’ in favour of a less literal approach. Inspired by the town grid our custom drawn typography is based on an isometric birds eye view of buildings. Skyscrapers are also referenced in the menu designs where perspectives are toyed with.”A Friend of Mine

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“Through the details of our execution painterly highlights hark back to a bygone era of hand-crafted signage adding warmth, while the jaunty angle of the typography and glow-in-the-dark business cards allude to the party atmosphere in the bar. The signpainted doorstep, and windows gilded in shades of gold leaf, will wear with age and grow in character — and we’re sure The Town Mouse will do the same.” – A Friend of Mine

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