New financial service for creative professionals, ANNA Money‘s identity was designed by Michael Wolff, NB Studio and Alice Bowsher.

Anna Card_RGB_WebAnna brand posters_Get Paid_RGB_WebAnna brand posters_Schminvoices_RGB_Web

“Traditionally, there’s no place for emotion in finance; we wanted the visual identity to embody the opposite of that. As a small business owner, you’re there to do something you love. The identity we created features illustrations by Alice Bowsher, whose charming, playful drawings help make Anna an approachable and relatable brand. The warmth of the terracotta orange throughout the website, digital platforms and collateral stands in sharp contrast to the traditional cold blues of banks, corporations and traditional fintech.” – Nick Finney, NB Studio

Anna Website_RGB_WebAnna-App-Screens_RGB_Set1Anna-App-Screens_RGB_Set2Banner_FreeUpFriday_1Banner_FreeUpFriday_2






2 responses to “Anna”

  1. Amanda B. Avatar

    This is so beautiful

  2. Юрий Avatar

    Аня, прикольно…рисуй есшо…))

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