Comedy Feast

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Great branding for Comedy Feast by Only Studio.

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“The brand employs a simple graphic line to invoke the spirit of comedy, playfully interacting with photography and type as it moves between locations. Across print and digital, a stripped back colour palette builds familiarity as the festival works to establish itself. The brand’s tone of voice promotes a warm and mischievous character in support of the event’s eclectic offering for adults and families.”Only Studio

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3 responses to “Comedy Feast”

  1. BadDesigner Feast Avatar
    BadDesigner Feast

    This is just… not done well. I’ve been staring at the t for a while, and I still don’t get it. The whole thing is a bowl?

  2. Mikie Avatar

    I’m assuming this is just trolling? As it’s clearly a stylised T to make a smile… I personally love it.

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