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Reys is a Chicken Restaurant in Cambridge UK, with branding designed by Elmwood.

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“The creative was founded on the key insight that Britons eat their way through an astounding 25 million chickens every week. But while Brits clearly love chicken, there’s one creature that loves it more – the fox!” – Elmwood

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“The brand name needed to reflect both the consumer’s appetite for chicken, as well as founder, chef and restaurateur Neil Nugent’s French rotisserie inspired dining concept. By shortening the French word for Fox ‘Reynard’ to a more casual ‘Reys’, the entire creative process had a clear character for inspiration.”Elmwood







2 responses to “Reys”

  1. Pascal Avatar

    The French word for fox is ‘Renard’ not ‘Raynard’.

  2. Pascal Avatar

    Reynard, sorry!

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