Bundle are an Australian online retailer who provide maternity packs for parents to be.

The branding was designed by The Company We Keep.


“Developing the name Bundle to capture a sense of softness – a moment of tranquility and security amongst the frenzy of pregnancy and birth, whilst directly referencing the nature of the product. Touching on nostalgic quips ‘bun in the oven’ and ‘bundle of joy’ we expanded the soft lingual tone graphically with a considered typographic brand marque that skewed the viewers perspective, feeling larger than life.

A playful ‘buttoned up’ B insignia grew from the brand marquee, capturing the nature of bundling a   heap of things into a bag, this combined with a tactile focus on production translated the packed-to-the-brim value of the product to the printed collateral and activated the sense of touch furthering the childlike curiosity of the brand experience. All this softness was contrasted with an industrial and pragmatic supporting typographic approach to balance and solidify the reliability of the brand.”The Company We Keep







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    what the font this logo? i like this font

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