Elkin identity by Marmalade London.

Elkin is a new jewellery collection created and handcrafted by fashion stylist Eliisa Makin.

“The brief requested that the brand should capture something of ‘a clash between Tim Burton and Vogue’.”

“We created a bespoke typeface for the primary logo and shrouded it in a smoky graphic to capture the gothic qualities of the products. We created an oversized matchbox for the packaging which played with the prevalent use of bugs and insects in many of Eliisa’s designs, not only referencing the smoke element of the graphic, but also as a playful reference to the way kids often keep bugs in matchboxes.”






2 responses to “Elkin”

  1. Michael Eagleton Avatar

    Really wonderful. So beautiful…

  2. Lauren Kelly Avatar

    Really love this – especially the tim burton esq icons

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