Studio Contents have designed this flexible brand identity for IOU:

“IOU is an arts organisation with 37 years experience making original work across many art-forms. The company is recognised for their distinctive style. IOU’s work is renowned for the extraordinary and the bizarre with often surreal and fantastic narratives.”

“We [Studio Contents] coordinated and hosted a series of brand workshops which informed our design process and the creation of a new visual identity and supporting collateral. A modular, evolving logotype was at the core of the creative with photography and a fully responsive website and Content Management system completing the project.”

3 Responses to “IOU”

  1. wld Says:

    Amazing , the design fits well with the stationery, loved the color!!
    logo design UK.

  2. youbdesign Says:

    wow ! so nice very simple things always class

  3. James Jones Says:

    Consider splitting the I horizontally, might make the letters look more uniform.

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