Insiders is Sydney Opera House’s membership program, with branding work by Naughty Fish.

The Naughty Fish website writes: “The assignment was to evolve the (Insiders) identity to meet the changing focus of the program and to represent the shifting perceptions around the SOH brand – most importantly that the House should be experienced, not just admired. We positioned (Insiders) as a retail product, with greater focus on communicating the value proposition for members. The project involved trademark design, posters, welcome pack, brochures, membership card, digital advertising and brand guidelines.”

3 Responses to “Insiders”

  1. wld Says:

    Superb concept and color palette !!
    logo design UK.

  2. Luke Says:

    An excellent combination of colors and style. Well referenced through the logos and the stationary design as well.

  3. Ben Says:

    I read that as “Inside Arse”.

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