Elmwood has recently completed a rebrand of football website Goal.

“The aim was to create a timeless marque that would be a universally recognised symbol for Goal. It’s bold and simple, and the accompanying illustration style gives the brand a modern and confident personality.” says Simon Morrow, the Senior Designer on the project.

5 Responses to “Goal”

  1. Rachel Wynn Says:

    Simplicity at its best! Love it

  2. ijahn Says:

    Love it, it says so much with so little!

  3. wld Says:

    simple and to the GOAL!! Amazing concept.
    logo design UK. Thanks.

  4. Tommy Says:

    Reminds: http://www.plenum.ru/upload/img/LigaStavok-04.jpg

  5. Edge Design - Design Agency Says:

    Simple but effective logo, great article

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