The Archivo institution dedicated is to the research, archive and the exhibition of design and architecture.

Sociedad Anónima and S – Design Consultants collaborated in the creation of the concept and visual identity for this space and its activities.






2 responses to “Archivoi”

  1. wld Avatar

    Really impressed by the color cjosen and the minimal design. Love it!!
    logo design UK.

  2. my own graphics design by freelance Avatar

    Sometimes I think my own work for brand design to be selfish in many ways my personal expressions of creativity instead of than how it ought to be totally company customer. I know I’m not the only designer doing this but I strive to be different and be a different designer focuses on the market effect. This view has been great in helping me towards my goal thanks for sharing. Would be great to know from your viewers what they feel about my work. Thanks for sharing

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