Author: Zoe

  • Percy & Reed

    Percy & Reed

    Everyone Associates created this identity for Percy & Reed, a london based hair salon.

  • Mooi


    Maximilian Combuchen designed this cute logo for Mooi, a store in Hamburg that specializes in cashmere jumpers.

  • Art of Kinetik

    Art of Kinetik

    Kane + Associates created this identity for the luxury speed boat brand, Art of Kinetik.

  • Frøystad Klock

    Frøystad Klock

    Heydays design studio created this identity for Frøystad Klock, scandinavian furniture designers.

  • Maaemo


    Uniform Strategic Design agency created this identity for Maaemo, an ecological restaurant in Oslo, Norway. The design for Maaemo was inspired by Scandinavian nature and architecture.

  • Cocotte


    Foreign Policy Design Group created the Identity for French restaurant Cocotte at the Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore.

  • Bob Bob Richard

    Bob Bob Richard

    Saturday created this identity for Bob Bob Richard, an English restaurant and cocktail bar based in Soho, London.

  • Umm


    Moruba created the name and identity for Umm, for Alex Garcia’s gastro bar.

  • Cranium


    Toko design agency created this new logo and identity for the premium and multi-award winning salon Cranium.

  • Bang Your Own Drum

    Bang Your Own Drum

    The Consult design agency created this upbeat branding for Bang Your Own Drum, a communications firm.

  • Edgeboard


    Hampus Jageland designed this identity for Edgeboard, a company that specialise in handmade chopping boards.

  • Fiction


    Danny Jones created this identify for Fiction.

  • Laurie Hefner Hair

    Laurie Hefner Hair

    Eight Hour Day Studio in Designed this logo for hair stylist Laurie Hefner.

  • Lulu Frost

    Lulu Frost

    New York based design studio Schwartz & Sons designed this beautiful logo and website for Lulu Frost jewelers.

  • Blank Pages

    Blank Pages

    Fridge Creative designed the logo for Blank Pages, an online contributor based illustration projected that they launched at the beginning of the year.

  • Milkraft


    The japanese design agency, Commune created this cute logo for Milkraft.

  • Casey Dunn – Photographer

    Casey Dunn – Photographer

    Cody Haltom designed this identity for Casey Dunn, an architectural photographer.

  • ADM


    Me and Mister Jones designed this identity for Singapore’s NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media.

  • Get London Reading10

    Get London Reading10

    Kent Lyons designed the identity for Get London Reading, a campaign by Booktrust to get Londoners reading books set in London.

  • Brems


    Flink designed this corporate identity and website for Brems a tiber, floor and door specialist.