Brand and brand materials for Core, a Scottish Power company, designed by Good Creative.

The concept is explained on the Good Creative site:
Core, a subsidiary of Scottish Power, delivers gas, electricity,telecoms and water through one track/pipe. This concept of four utilities in one seemed a powerful metaphor for teamwork and unity, a much needed quality as Core faced a difficult trading period.

Full info can be found here, and here are some of the branding usage examples they produced…

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  1. Josh Maxwell Says:

    Well said

  2. le csare Says:

    its great so fresh and minimal

  3. serg Says:

  4. Mikie Says:

    Thanks Serg for the link – I agree there is similarities, but do feel this works so much better.

  5. Woolhouse Says:

    Did you have all the neon signs build for the ads
    or did you find them and touch them up?
    Either way nice execution.

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